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Put your pet on the map and know when they get away from you ! PocketFinder GPS Pet Trackers turn virtually any sized collar and harness into a GPS dog collar. Simply attach the device to your dog’s collar and track them from our website .

It’s about Safety…Keep your dog safe by knowing when they run off and recover them quickly and safely.

Control – You get full control over your pet .

Safety – Keep your dog safe by knowing when they get loose and recover them quickly .

Reliable – Rugged design means it’s reliable and accurate .

Accurate Away from Home – You can still locate them even if they run far from home .

Create unlimited “Geo-Fence” zones and receive alerts when your dog goes outside the zone .

Enter your mobile number and email and receive email and SMS alerts.x .

Zones – Know when your pet runs off with geo-fence zones around your home, neighborhood, park or office.

Speed Limit – Set speed limits and receive alerts if your pet suddenly starts moving faster than it should be.

Alerts – Email, SMS and push notifications provide prompt alerts to keep you in the know.

History – View up to 60 days of tracking history to ensure dog walker does their job or pet is active.

Power - Adjustable power settings to extend battery life .

Strong - Rugged plastics, water-proof and light-weight.


  • - > Real-time tracking
  • - > Remote control oil and circuit
  • - > Waterproof
  • - > Shock alarm
  • - > Movement/speeding/power failure alarm
  • - > Geo-fence
  • - > Remote restart device
  • - > Mileage statistics/ACC detection
  • - > Position logging capacity up to 260,000+ waypoints
  • - > Built-in motion sensor for power saving
  • - > SOS alarm(need use SOS button)
  • - > ACC status check (SOS and ACC choice one)
  • - > Low battery alert


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