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We offer several types of Track My Location GPS trackers, including GPS personal trackers, GPS vehicle trackers and tracking solutions; each one with its own features. Depending on the specific usage and objectives you are planning, some devices will perform better than others. Contact us now:

Our GPS Tracking devices contain two modules: 1. GPS module: This module will allow the locator device to get its location from the GPS satellites. 2. GSM Module: This module acts almost as a cell phone. It transmits the information received from the GPS module to the cellular networks and from there to our servers. Once the information is received in our servers, special software processes it and presents it to you in our GPS Tracking web system.

There are two types of GPS Tracking Systems: • Real Time tracking systems:- This type of system will collect the information of the vehicle and send it immediately or every 15 seconds to the servers that will process the information. This type of system is ideal when it is a priority to have an on-line, instant control of the vehicles activities. • Passive tracking systems:- This type of system will collect the information of the vehicle and store in the memory of the GPS device. It is ideal for those cases when requirements are less strict.

All products provided by Track My Location have been strictly Quality Checked in house before packing. All products have been well packed before shipping. One year warranty is provided for all models. We will bear maintenance cost during warranty.

You will be provided with an online account and given a personal login and password of your choice. You will also be given the website address of your GPS tracking website. Any computer with a working standard Internet browser is required to login and locate your vehicle.


  • - > Real-time tracking
  • - > Remote control oil and circuit
  • - > Waterproof
  • - > Shock alarm
  • - > Movement/speeding/power failure alarm
  • - > Geo-fence
  • - > Remote restart device
  • - > Mileage statistics/ACC detection
  • - > Position logging capacity up to 260,000+ waypoints
  • - > Built-in motion sensor for power saving
  • - > SOS alarm(need use SOS button)
  • - > ACC status check (SOS and ACC choice one)
  • - > Low battery alert


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